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Pardes Mein Hai Mera Dil 9th November 2016 Full Episode 3

Watch online Pardes Mein Hai Mera Dil 9th November 2016 Video today latest new full Episode 3 of Star Plus drama serial Pardes Mein Hai Mera Dil complete Show Episodes. Watch Online Pardes Mein Hai Meraa Dil 9 November 2016 Episode 3.

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Telecast Date : 9th November 2016
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Pardes Mein Hai Mera Dil 9th November 2016 Written Update

The Episode starts with naina reaching Tirole, Austria. She waits for her brother. She feels cold and wears a coat. She smiles seeing the snow and plays. Kal ho na ho plays She thinks if mum was here, she was would have good timing and shagun that snow fell on my coming here, I feel I will get my life’s happiness and love here. Pam talks to some lady. She calls Raghav and tells about donating 50000 EUR to the charity organization. Raghav takes care of Dadi and everyone. Balraj uncle asks Dadi to check on her diet. Dadi’s daughter taunts Parmeshwari/Pam why is she shouting about her donation. Balraj and his brother argue over the high expenses. Balraj asks about Veer. Raghav says Veer went….. Veer’s mum says Veer went to an event, Veer took his sister Ira along, even when she was not invited.

Pam asks Raghav what is this, there are 14 servants in this house, and I did not get my fav icecream. Raghav says sorry, I will get it in half an hour. He goes to get Belgium icecream and says its snow falling, whose happiness is celebrated. He asks why is this snow falling. He feels cold and goes to buy icecream. Kal ho na ho….plays…….. Naina calls her brother and he does not answer. She says maybe he is in night shift. She calls Amit and could not connect.

She says Amit did not reply my mails, maybe he is annoyed, I will surprise him. She sits there and feels cold. She falls asleep. Later, she wakes up and says no one has come. She goes to hire a taxi. She calls her brother Rajeev and leaves a voice message. She leaves message that she felt cold and could not wait at airport, she is going to Amit’s house and asks him to pick her from there. She calls Amit and thinks maybe he is not answering, maybe its not connecting because of weather. She reaches Amit’s house and he gets shocked seeing her at the door. Naina tells his lines and says now no door will be shut. He shuts the door and she worries. He comes out and says sorry, I know you came for marriage, but how can you land like this. She says I came here as I promised, mum’s operation happened. He says I stay here on rent, you go to your brother, if anyone see me with a girl here, they will make me leave, come, I will meet you and talk later. He goes and calls her out. She smiles and asks are you joking. He asks do you have money. She cries and says thanks, I have money. He says fine and shuts the door. Jisne humko plays She cries and goes.

A man comes drinking wine. She gets scared and says he is coming this way. She shouts stay away and runs shouting for help. She collides with Raghav. Raghav says my icecream…. She holds him close and says save me, that man is mad, he has my purse, save me please. He asks are you indian. She asks how will I say hindi else, save me please. He looks at her. Tere naam…..plays. She leaves him. Raghav sees the man coming. He says I m also indian like you, don’t worry, I will handle this. He asks the man to give the man to give the purse. The man refuses. Raghav murmurs the man is tall and strong, and says I will fight with you, come.

The man says wait and throws purse to Naina. Raghav says you are not a thief. The man says no, you are a thief. Raghav says I was helping her. The man says I was trying to help her. Raghav says we both are good men, this Miss misunderstood us. The man wishes Naina to have a good life. Naina thinks to stop her judgment.Raghav asks her not to fall in problems, and keep bags safe. He picks the icecreams. She cries. He stops and goes to her. He asks her not to cry and create problems as much as she wants. He takes her with him. He gives her a kerchief to wipe her tears. She says I should have not come here, I was good in India. He asks where do you have to go, I will drop you.

She gives the address. He says this is close, 10min walk. She says everyone said the same, but its far. He says everyone like to walk here, not like you to go market in rickshaw, I will drop you. She says I will manage. He says its fine, I will drop you, come. She returns his kerchief. She says I will carry bags. He says I will carry it. She says its okay. They share the load. She thinks strangers have shown the way in Pardes.

Raghav buys icecream again and says now I have manage all month in 60 euros, never mind but I have to make this girl have icecream, maybe she will smile. She gets icecream for Naina and asks her to try, it will make her happy. She apologizes and says I think I know you. He says many girls said this line on me. She says no I mean I feel like talking to you before. He says introduction was filmi and impressive, we got saved, else I would have a fight with that man. He takes her and tells her about the cold weather. She asks him to give a bag.

He says let it be, how did you come here. She says I came to stay with my brother. He asks own brother? Why did you not come to pick you, he could have come for his sister? He tells about taking icecreams for Pam aunty. She says you love your family. He says first family, then love, family is over love. She thinks about this new angel who helped her, and thinks of Raghav who helped her before and sent money for her mum’s treatment. She wishes the best for this new angel, that he gets her love in Pardes.

Naina and Raghav meet at cage again. Naina sees Amit and runs to him. She gets shocked seeing him with a girl.

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